1. Research and Strategy

During this stage, I spend time getting to know you and your business or organization. I may ask you to provide copies of your current marketing materials and most likely I will be asking a lot of questions. I also assess your overall business strategy, marketing objectives, target audience, competition, project and design preferences, ideas, and more.


2. Creative Process

After I have gathered the information, goals, and objectives needed for the project, I begin to conceptualize the design and to develop the overall structure for the project. During this stage, I may submit to you for your feedback & approval: Wire-Frames, Design Concepts & Mock-up(s), Project Description/Map, a detailed functionality outline. I will ensure that the overall design suits the functionality required for the project.




3. Development

After your approval of the design concept and overall project structure, I begin to build your website. The production phase is often the longest phase of the project. I build out all pages and propagate with content and graphics, I code and develop all technical requirements (database, e-commerce functionality, content management integration, etc), I also create the “bells and whistles” for the project (flash elements, dynamic drop down menus, etc.). Once the site has been built it will be tested to ensure cross-browser compatibility. I then turn it over to you to review. Revisions, if needed, are made to the project based on your feedback.


4. The Launch

Once I receive your final approval, your site is ready to “go live”! Depending on the type of project, NO LIMITS will: upload your web files to your live web server, submit to you the final files in printer ready format (print project), or submit to you the final files on CD Rom, DVD or USB drive.